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Directo's Note


Hana is an LGBT master painter. she has been rejected from Iranian society because of her sexual orientation. At the age of 9, she showed her interest in a girl for the first time. For this reason, the family also rejected him. Hana is one of the famous painting professors, but because she is an LGBT, she is still excluded from society. she is looking for his lost lover among his female students. Hana is ready to do anything to save her lover because of the many tensions she has gone through in her life. Even if it takes her life. After killing her lovers, she drew a picture of them and always kept them by her side.

ali safari

Director's Statement

When I look at my own society and country, I realize very well that being in the minority is considered a weakness. I had a short friend. He had so much difficulty in building relationships with people and finding a job that he chose to emigrate from Iran. I had another friend who was interested in men. He immigrated to Germany because of his sexual orientation. Minorities are always under pressure here. Unfortunately, in the streets of my city, blind and disabled people are not seen because there is no possibility of a fair life for them. Most people who are minorities live in isolation. Sexual, religious, and ideological minorities do not have the same facilities as other people. This is the reason why they are either forced to leave their homeland or suffer from depression and mental illnesses in isolation. Number 9 is a look at the life of a woman who is interested in women. An LGBT woman who is looking for love but is rejected not only by society but also by her family. Although she is a skilled painter, she cannot be in the artistic community because she is an LGBT person. I want this film to open a new window for the society. I hope that the audience of this movie will change their attitude towards all minorities after watching it. I made this film to witness the correct, respectful, and fair treatment of all minorities, including sexual minorities, in Iranian society from now on. I believe that these people should not be called minorities. They are members of our society and our fellow citizens. They have the right to fall in love, express their love, and continue their normal life. My wish is that no Iranian will be forced to leave his country because of his different thoughts and tendencies.

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