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Awards of Seganeh

So far, the Seganeh has won many international awards in the fields of music, cinema, and theater. This group invites international artists to collaborate in the field of theater, cinema, and music. In this section, the audience will learn about the awards of this company in the field of cinema, theater and music.


Special appreciation of the jury

The two plays Holodomor and Auschwitz of Women in 2021 received special recognition from the jury of the 32nd International Golden Lion Theater Festival of Ukraine.

Tehran Times

raha hajizeinal

The best music design from the student theater festival

Raha Hajizeinal received the best music design award for the play "Black Holes" at the 15th University Theater Festival.

teatr bazha


Nazerzadeh Kermani festival awards reached the square

The Square Show, written and directed by Ali Safari, received awards for the best play, best director, best work, best actor, and Best Actress.

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