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Cinematic works of the Seganeh

Seganeh is active in theater, music and cinema. In the field of theater, this group has staged different works in Iran, Armenia, Ukraine, Poland and Sweden. The musical works of this group have been broadcasted through reputable broadcasters in the international arena. In the cinema department, Seganeh group produces feature films, short films and documentaries.

15min | Persian | Producer: Sahel zamanpour, Ahmad Hadavand  Director: Ali Safari | Cast: Raha Hajizeynal. Narges Sharjerdi | Diretor of Photography: Hanif Parandeh

My father bought two pencils for me and my brother, one black one and two red pencils, I picked up the black pencil.


45min | Persian | Producer: Raha Hajizeinal 
Director and Cinematographer: Ali Safari

Tehran-kiev is a ducumentry about an iranian theater group which travel to the ukraine -before russian attack- to perform two theater, this movie shows the seganeh group diffrent moments through this travel

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