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Scriptwriter's Note


Writing in Iran in the past years is like writing during the Cold War as if the author should think about what price he has to pay for each line rather than focus on his writing. At the same time, writing about minorities makes it much more difficult for the writer. Religious, sexual, and national minorities always live in very difficult conditions. I always believe that the appearance of minorities in a society is a sign of that society's culture. The fact that we do not see disabled people in the city in our country, that religious minorities have difficult conditions for work and life, and that sexual minorities are restricted and humiliated, always reminds me that I should write something in this field so that maybe I can let me introduce my community and the world community to this problem.


Scriptwriter's Statement

Mitosis is one of my three scripts about LGBT people. In the first film called No.9, I dealt with the life of a lesbian painting teacher. A person who has suffered from mental problems due to isolation in society and rejection by his family. In mitosis, we see a sculpture that is LGBT. Like the painting teacher in the movie Number 9, he has been rejected from his society. He wants to find true love. Maybe he is looking more to prove his identity as an LGBT. He is in the minority, he doesn't have many choices and, therefore, he seeks to discover what he is in the limitation. By writing this script, I tried to show another side of a LGBT's life. A person who lives in Iran is forced to imprison himself in a sculpture workshop due to restrictions. I want people to believe in the existence of this person and these people. Know that they also have the right to live. Unfortunately, in Iran and many developed and first-world countries, the problem of LGBT people is still not solved. A problem that will become a big problem if it is not addressed properly. In my opinion, momentary encounters have little effect, but cinema can create culture in this field in the long term. I want to be the language of Kaveh and Farhad, the characters who have been rejected and, due to the lack of proper education, they have encountered problems in understanding their position in society. Mitosis's short film is my tribute to my LGBT friends, those who I know love life but are deprived of it in Iran.

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