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Mehdi Aboohamzeh

Mehdi Aboohamzeh was born in October 1990 in Iran. He is originally from Mazandaran but he was brought up in Tehran. Mehdi spent his childhood in a small city near Tehran, where the first sparkles of loving theater showed up. Although he studied English translation at university, he always knew that acting was what he wanted in his life. Hence, he decided to go to an acting club to learn the stuff. He has been trained by some of the most famous acting coaches in Iran like Reza Behboodi, Hassan Madjooni, Reza Shirmarz, Aliasghar Dashti, Maryam Majd, and Shahryar Sadr.

Since then, Mehdi has been played in several rehearsals, TV series, and movies. In 2017 Mehdi went to the Leev Theater School and then 1 year later, in 2018 he joined, as an actor, one of the most famous theater companies in Iran. After that, Mehdi and some of his close friends who used to work on many movies and theater projects decided to establish their own company and do more professional activities more independently, and, as a consequence, Seganeh Company was established, an independent company that produced several international works.​

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Phone Number: +98 912 771 6496

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