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Holodomor (2021)

1h 30min | Persian | Historical Drama

Producer & Writer: Ali Safari

Director: Raha Hajizeinal

Lviv/Ukraine/Voskresinnia Theatre

The word Holodomor translated from Ukrainian means “killing by starvation”. The term Holodomor emphasizes the famine’s man-made and intentional aspects such as rejection of outside aid, confiscation of all household foodstuffs, and restriction of population movement. This show was able to receive special recognition from the jury of the 32nd Golden Lion Theater Festival of Ukraine.

تحسین «هولودومور» ایرانی در اوکراین
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Cast: Amir Norouzi, Amir Shams, Nafiseh Zare, Raha Hajizeinal, Ali Safari, Mehdi Aboohamzeh, Nazanin Mihan, Sarina Azad Milani, Mohammad Pasandideh, Hassan Mohamadian

Crew: Set Designer: Ali SafariLight Designer: Pedram Rezvani, Director Assistant: Afsaneh Babaee, Photographer: Reza Javidi, Graphic: Amin Ghanbari

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